• Half-Day Spearfishing Charter (freedive only)

Half-Day Spearfishing Charter (freedive only)

Our spearfishing charters are half day sessions. Morning charters will leave the Breakwater Cove Marina dock at 8:00am and be back at the dock around noon. Afternoon chaters will leave the dock at 1:00pm and return around 4:00pm. 
Valid fishing license is required.

A kill bag/cooler with ice will be on board.

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Availability: Contact us for booking information

Got fish?

Want to go spearfishing but can't get to the good spots from shore?
Come join us on a half day charter to get to the fishiest spots in Monterey Bay, Carmel, and *Big Sur!

If you're an experienced spearo or just getting salty, we can get you to the spots you need to be for your best chance for success. 

Our guides and captain have over a decade of experience in the central coast waters and are able to pull from wealth of knowledge and experience to make sure you get the best experience possible. 
Though its not required a freediving certification is highly reccomended. We will hit spots of 30-40 ft minimum but often a little more. If you let us know your limits we can find you fish in as little as 20 ft of water. 

We can provide rental gear if needed as well. 
There will always be a cooler/kill bag with ice and fillet station on board and lots of advice on recipes if needed. 

While we will advise on regulations it is up to YOU to konw the regs and make sure you are hunting in a legal and respnsible way. 
Must have a valid CA Fishing license.

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