Conditions for Monterey Bay area.

Here are some links to check conditions before heading out for a day of diving. Ventusky and CDIP will both give you swell height and direction, while TempBreak will give you water temperatures. Generally if the water is warmer the chances of good vis go down. Cold water is clear water.

Plan your dive and dive your plan.


Ventusky (Swell and conditions)

CDIP (Swell and conditions)

TempBreak (Temperature and visibility)

Fishing Regulations:

You are responsible for your own actions. We have provided these links as a resource and bare no responsibility for how you use them. Always feel free to call or email us if you have questions and we can get you pointed in the right direciton.

If you see regulations being violated please call 888-334-2258 or use the CalTIP app on your phone.

CA Fish and Wildlife

Fish Identification

MPA's and restricted areas