• PADI - Freediver

PADI - Freediver

Enjoy the silent world one breath at a time in the PADI Freediver course. During this course you will learn the physiology and physics of Freediving, more importantly you will learn about yourself and your limits.

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Practice proper breathing techniques along with relaxation and stretching to maximize your breath control. We will discuss how diet affects you as a freediver along with other lifestyle habits. We practice rescues and proper safety procedures along with being a good "buddy" or safety for another freediver.

This course is for anyone 15 years or older that wants to maximize their safety and performance in the water as a Freediver.
Sign up now and learn to safely enjoy the underwater realm free of gear and noise.

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Your goals for this course are:

  • 25m/80ft Dynamic Apnea (swimming underwater for distance)
  • 90 second Static Apnea (breath hold in the pool without swimming)
  • 10m/33ft constant weight dive

This is a two day course and is performance based. Additional sessions may be needed to reach your target depths or times. You will complete the online portion of the course before the classroom/pool session. After mastering the skills in the pool, we will have two dive sessions in open water to apply skills and reach depth goals.

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