• Spearfishing Course

Spearfishing Course

In our 2 day spearfishing course you will learn safe and effective ways of putting dinner on the table for you and others. We focus on safety, sustainability, and most of all fun.

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Who should take this course?

Any certified Freediver can participate in this class. Divers under the age of 14 will need to show proficiency and proper safety before using a speargun, but may use a pole spear instead.

How does it work?

We will have one day in the classroom (usually a Saturday afternoon) to go over our course material and discuss the many different types of spearfishing and gear. This is when you can purchase any gear that’s needed and we can look at your gear to make sure it is all in good working order. There will also be a short quiz to test your knowledge.

After the classroom portion is completed we will head to the ocean (usually on a Sunday) with specific goals in mind, we will take only what we need and come back to the shop for a brief cooking and preparation lesson.

What will I learn?

  • Why Spearfish?
  • What to fish for?
  • Proper safety
  • Types of spearfishing
  • Where to find fish
  • How to assess a dive site
  • Regulations
  • Fish cleaning and prep
  • Cooking
  • Thinking like an underwater hunter
  • Choosing the proper gear

What is included in the price?

Instruction and guide fee is included in the price. We have gear for rent that you can check out on our RENTALS page if you need anything. If we need to service any of your gear we will do so for the price of any materials needed for the repair(s). We go over maintenance in the class so you should be able to address any issues with guidance during the class or the following day before we hit the ocean.

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